Howdy, I’m Jeff

About Jeff

Great design is in the details. It’s way more than typography, color, images and gifs. It’s inspirational. It’s functional. It makes you smile. It presents information in an organized and useable way. This is my visual philosophy.

I am a graphic artist, photographer, visual journalist, web developer and design geek. Despite my weakness for trendy typefaces (I’m looking at you, Lust), be assured, I know when to use appropriate typography. It’s my thing. I have worked on projects in news/editorial, advertising, product and marketing. My understanding of color, photography, print and online production, and development make me a key player for any project. I also love to travel, hike and drink great beer.

Newspapers have been home base for my career. I own my job by being creative, fast and able to think outside of the box, all while keeping a sense of humor. I thrive on the fast-paced office culture and finding new ways to visually present information. I have professional experience with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign). I know my way around Microsoft Office, Apple software and apps and I work extensively with WordPress.

Freelance projects have included work for both companies and individuals developing websites, creating branding and logos, and producing magazines and newsletters for print and online. The jobs help keep my regular job skills fresh and savvy. Examples of my freelance work are displayed in the Portfolio and Project sections.

I work hard staying current on design and web development, and expanding my knowledge of best HTML5, CSS, Javascript and PHP practices. My next goal is to build, develop and release an iPhone app.

Success begins with great conceptual frameworks, attention to details, meeting corporate initiatives and making strict daily deadlines, all with a terrific attitude.

Send me an email to say hi, or let me know if you have a project I can help with.